Sense of responsibility and militancy

Sense of responsibility: Why I personally think you should make it a priority to support GHA and other organizations (e.g., ALPAM GROUP) dedicated to transforming Haiti into a nation worthy of its great history.

Responsibility requires a sense of militancy: Let me start by saying that you should stop wasting your time and money in supporting the status quo.  Instead, invest your time and financial resources in projects that are transformative; something long-lasting; something that transcends any single individual; something you can embrace with pride and say with all your soul and all your heart from the mountain top: “This is my legacy”. Remember that your legacy is nothing if it cannot survive without you! If you build something that only depends on you for survival, then its time is only limited to your own existence. That would not be able to transcend generations; it would not be transformative. When you support GHA or ALPAM, they will surely return the favor. You can say that you have become part of something unprecedented, something that is only limited to your own imagination, your own vision.

GHA is a platform to share ideas. to teach, and to learn. You do not have to share the same opinion as those of the officers of GHA, who themselves do not always agree with each other. That’s why GHA offers a platform for debate around a single inspiration: our love for Haiti.

Berthony Deslouches, MA, MD, PhD, GHA Officer; Co-Director of ALPAM Group

Berthony Deslouches, MA, MD, PhD, GHA Officer; Co-Director of ALPAM Group

Haiti needs every Haitian to have a sense of responsibility and militancy towards empowering our nation both in Haiti and abroad. Think of it this way: if we are strong in Haiti, we will empower Haitians who live abroad; if our communities abroad are strong, then we will empower our people in Haiti. It is a win-win situation.  In that context, Global Haitian Assets (GHA) really needs your support to grow strong and to be able to reach millions of Haitians across the globe to spread knowledge, teaching, and help implement transformative changes in Haiti.

Now if we all agree on the need to take ownership of the plight of our people, we should all stand united to change what is fundamentally wrong, and you can start right here because there are so many ways you can make a difference.

  1. Your participation alone would surely have a significant impact. Sign up to be a GHA member at no cost;
    • Publish articles on GHA, which will contribute to your growth and to the growth of your community intellectually.
    • Help us build online courses to assist Haitians in Haiti or abroad meet the challenges of a world that is becoming more and more competitive. This means that only those who can compete successfully will be able to take care of their families and secure a strong future for their children.
    • You should never see Haiti in isolation. The world is our home. Technologies found elsewhere can and should be developed in Haiti as long as they can enhance the well-being and sovereignty of our people. Haiti does not do poorly because we do not have the technology. Haiti does poorly because of our state of mind; because we aim low–pure and simple. We do not see ourselves as leaders of the world the way Dessalines and Christophe did, as we have long abandoned their vision. If we want to rebuild a community with housing without first thinking of quality sewage, clean water, and power, it is not because our people will never learn how to use a toilet paper, a refrigerator, or a computer; it is because the project is conceived by leaders who are unable to see beyond the tips of their nose,  their personal interests, or their pocket books. So when a foreign entity gives you a so-called aid, it does not mean that the conditions of our people will ever change for the better. Until we drop the mediocre/substandard mindset, we will never start empowering ourselves wherever we may be on Mother Earth for a stronger future.
    • Spread the word! Share informative videos  or articles you come across on the internet; you can also write and teach on GHA in any language you feel most comfortable. That’s right! Anything you think could be of importance to Haiti should be shared here on GHA. We also invite you to translate any content on GHA into a language that you really know.
    • Be positive and be ready to debate, advise, or mentor a student through forum discussion, Q&A, one-on-one chat, video presentation, or video conferencing. Make GHA your own learning Center! If there is something you do not understand, simply ask a question here, and the community will answer. Go to university campuses and tell the Haitian community about this great platform for learning, teaching, and the spread of knowledge. Tell our people that they can find help in their academic subjects right here on GHA.
    • Importantly, share your own ideas and lay out your vision for a stronger/self-empowered Haiti. Do not worry too much that other members would disagree with you. Let ideas flow so that we can all see the light and find the best way forward. If you make a mistake caught by another GHA citizen, my advice is that you not be defensive. Be grateful that you and the GHA  community can learn from that mistake.
    • Here comes the sense of responsibility: It is my belief that every single Haitian (starting with myself) is directly responsible for everything wrong that ever happened to Haiti. That’s right–every Haitian! We can blame the “devil” or foreigners for all our problems, however guilty that they may be. At the end of the day, it is the right of the “devil” to try to crush us and suck our blood. If we let it do so, it is because we have not worked hard enough to build a strong foundation for the safety net of our people, as our ancestors initially tried to do. Similarly, it is the right of foreign nations to try to take advantage of any other country on earth to make their own nation stronger. It is the responsibility of elected officials from any country to make their nation stronger by taking advantage of other countries. That is what international trade is about! We are a bunch of fools who will always justify the need to beg or inspire pity if we do not recognize that. It is time we stop wining and start acting like we want to be truly free! Stop walking around with our back bent and whine about it when someone tries to take a nice ride on it. The time to stand upright is long overdue.
    • That being said, it is not just our right, but it is our solemn duty to absolutely protect our elders, our mothers and fathers, our brothers and sisters, our friends, our nation. That’s why our liberator Jean Jacque Dessalines and the Great King Christophe shortly after Haiti’s independence conceived the citadel to give us the capability to defend ourselves from foreign enemies. Our lack of sense of responsibility has undermined their extraordinary efforts. May no Haitian tell me what “foreigners” have done to Haiti. I would rather hear what we have  let them do to our country–the responsible “we”. You, my friend, and I are part of the problem until we stand up and start making a difference, however small, in the lives of your brothers and sisters, the people in our community. Our ancestors did not just give their lives for our freedom while thinking everything was going to just be easy thereafter. Right after independence, they laid out their vision for a powerful, freedom-loving nation, a vision we slowly abandoned after the assassination of Dessalines and the death of Henri Christophe! We have been in decline ever since. I know you think decades ago we were strong just because we were called “the Pearl of the Antilles”. Those who are strong build on their strength to reach further and further with time. Do not see the concealment of illiteracy and poverty as a sign of progress. Our ancestors gave us a perfect start, and we gave them nothing worthy of their sacrifices. We began as the truest defenders of freedom, but now we are not even worthy of a conversation about freedom. It is time to commit to true change!
  2. You can commit to a monthly donation, and nothing is too small. In fact, a contribution as low as $1/month would be a great way to help GHA serve the Haitian community. Whether you live in Haiti, Africa, America (the continent), or Europe, GHA is only here to serve you, or the Haitian community at every level. You just need to allow GHA to do so with your participation. The interesting thing is you are the one who can make that happen. You will help shape this community, won’t you?
  3. Do remember that GHA connects us globally, while ALPAM focuses on implementing transformative changes in Haiti. These are two organizations with complementary missions, and it is important to make every effort to support them. So helping ALPAM means you are also helping GHA and vice versa.

    Important: those who support our cause (morally or otherwise) are also our friends, the friends of Haiti. We do invite them to join GHA as well, regardless of skin color or ethnicity.

  4. Purchase from our eStore. We have a collection of books (powered by Amazon) in addition to GHA’s personalized items. Buy a GHA or an ALPAM T-shirt/other items and tell your family members and your friends to do the same.
  5. Promote your business on GHA with our free business listing. Feature your business and organize your business events using GHA’s Business listings and event modules. Make yourself known in the Haitian community, whether you are a real estate agent, a restaurateur, an investor, a teacher, a journalist, a scholar, or else… GHA is here to support you, and GHA will only do that with your support!
  6. Raise money for your business or not-for-profit organizations that you think will contribute to transformative changes, using our project donation module.
  7. When you reach a professional milestone, be sure to let one of the GHA officers know, and we will make the announcement on our home page.
  8. You have something to sell? Sell it on GHA using our classifieds module.

GHA is built for you! And nothing you do on GHA is a waste because the Haitian community you are serving will know you stand with them. So let us make GHA strong so that when you are ready for transformative changes in Haiti and that the whole community can stand with you!

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