Education is key

Every Haitian professional has something to teach. While some may just not see it that way, we need to challenge ourselves to start and Keep Pushing Haiti Forward with a Global Education Initiative! 

Hello Haitian Nation,

Every Haitian would agree that our nation is on an unsustainable path. The Haitian minds are Haiti’s greatest and only assets that can transform Haiti into a powerful nation. However, they are scattered all over the world, unknown to each other. Whether you are a Haitian business leader, student, teacher, scholar, or any type of professional anywhere around the globe, how good can you possibly be to your nation if your mind, your expertise, and accomplishments are unknown to your community?  If you are a Haitian youngster inside or outside Haiti, you need the most effective guidance in preparation for the future of our nation. You need to be connected with the assets of your global community. If you are not aware of your own community’s assets, you are only making a minimum impact. I am sure that is not what you want, right? You need to be connected to Global Haitian Assets to find the best way forward. Come with us and, together, let us find a better way for the future of our nation…

We would like to appeal to all Haitian professionals, including teachers, scholars, business leaders, lawyers, clinicians, nurses, architects, engineers, and others to make a commitment to teaching on GHA. Whatever your expertise, you have something to teach. We cannot afford to use conventional means to train our people because the state of our nation is not normal! Do not hesitate to stand behind a video camera and share what is on your mind with the GHA community. You may be surprised how useful it could be to a class of 50 students 1000s of miles away from where you recorded that video.

Do not keep your wisdom to yourself. Do not waste your ideas by keeping them in your mind; they may escape your mind and never come back to you. Share them with us, with your community as they come to mind. If something crosses your mind, come onto GHA and write it down. If there are any mistakes or typos, don’t worry about that. You can come back later and correct that. GHA is your home. GHA members can also leave comments and suggest changes to improve your writing. If you worry too much about mistakes, you will spend too much time trying to write a scholarly piece. If you do not want other people to see your writing yet, then keep it private on your wall. Or better yet, just share it only with GHA Admins (GHA officers and staff), and they can help you edit it. We are not here to steal your ideas. We are here to help you promote them to your benefit and to the benefit of your community. Use GHA to create your notebook, your diary, ideas that you plan to develop. With GHA you can keep a chronological record of your activities easily accessible any time. At some point, you may go to your wall on GHA and realize that you have shared a set of excellent ideas you need to develop into a book. How awesome would that be?

We are developing a course delivery module here on GHA. We would like all Haitian professionals to commit to teaching something about their expertise. You can do it in Haitian (sorry, I dislike the term “creole” as a name for our language. There are 100’s if not 1000’s of creole languages. Do you see the irony? Claim what’s ours and be proud enough to keep developing it! No more confusion with patois), French, English, or any other language you are comfortable with. Some of us can volunteer to actually translate any material on GHA into another language. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

So teach, teach, and teach. Someday, when high-speed Wi-Fi is propagated on all corners of Haiti, GHA materials can be used in the classroom to help Haitian teachers complement their teaching.

This is the communication age. You should never see Haiti in isolation. Haiti is as underdeveloped as your minds are limited. Connect Haiti to the world, and we will have a global impact!

Start and Keep Pushing Haiti Forward with a Global Education Initiative!

Berthony Deslouches, MA, MD, PhD; GHA Officer and Co-Founder, Co-Director of ALPAM Group

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