Professor Bayyinah Bello on the History of the Haitian Revolution

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Jean-Jacques Dessalines (1758-1806) (Haitian Revolution)

*Reviled for his brutality yet honored as one of the founding fathers of Haiti, Jean-Jacques Dessalines was second in command under Toussaint L’Overture during the Haitian Revolution and was the general who emerged after L’Overture’s capture. Dessalines lead the insurgents in declaring Haitian Independence on January 1st, 1804.

...Independence, however, did not bring peace, and from January 1804 until his death two years later, Dessalines “governed with terror.” Like L’Overture, Dessalines had himself appointed governor “for life.” He later changed his title to emperor—emulating Napoleon—and crowning his wife, Claire-Heureuse, empress. Fearing a French resurgence and the reinstatement of slavery that would accompany it, he ordered the massacre of approximately 5,000 of the island’s white men, women, and children declaring “I have saved my country. I have avenged America.”

It was a move that two of Dessalines most influential generals, *Alexandre Pétion* (Assassinated Jean-Jacques Dessalines; Smashed all of Dessaline's plans; Believed in the French; COON!; Begged a white slaver, while President of Haiti, while talking about a "Black republic, begged a white slaver to recognize him as his SON; Sickness of wanting to be White; Brought Haiti to where it is today; Agreed to pay France 150 million gold Francs for an Independence Haiti EARNED!!!) and Henri Christophe (Followed through with Dessaline's plans in the East), could not countenance and one that spoke to the growing political instability of the new government. On August 17, 1806 Dessalines met a violent death at the hands of HIS OWN lieutenants when he was ambushed; his body dragged through the streets before it was dismembered. The example of the Haitian Revolution and leaders such as L’Overture and Dessalines has become both an inspiration and a warning about the “possibilities and dangers of revolution.”
Haitian History
Bayyinah Bello, jean Jacques Dessalines

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